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Ege University Integrated Waste Management

“Wastes Commission” has been established witihin our university in order to ensure the environmentally friendly disposal of wastes generated by education, training, research and service activities. One of the first actions of this commission was the approval of the “Directive” in the senate under the presidency of our Rector, which will regulate the management of “Hazardous Wastes” (corrosive, explosive, carcinogenic, mutagen, pathogenic, toxic, radioactive, etc.) which are particularly important in the wastes. The next step is to establish the “Code of Practice” and to make the “Directive” operational. Although there are already local studies on the basis of the units related to the disposal of hazardous wastes which are already going on at the University, it is aimed to give a holistic identity to all these studies, to integrate local waste disposal initiatives under the integrated waste management system and to institutionalize them. One of the most important steps within the scope of these activities will be to organize training meetings that will inform and raise awareness on the subject. In this context, training and awareness meetings started as of 17.05.2011.  In addition, efforts will continue to raise awareness on the subject in web, visual and audio media. The model stipulated in the “Waste Management” approach in our university is “Leaf-Branch-Body” and it will cover the processes from the starting point where waste is produced and followed by waste disposal and removal in an environmentally friendly manner. The backbone of the waste management policy will be “Not to Generate Waste”. In order to prevent the generation of hazardous wastes, it is inevitable to pay maximum attention to environmentally friendly chemicals and processes in activities that have potential to generate waste (education, training, research, production and services). Where the production of waste is inevitable, the principle will be to minimize the amount of. In this context, each individual has important responsibilities and duties as waste producers. Full compliance with the Environmental Law and related regulations is just one of them. The fact that our university is a good example for the society can only be possible with all the stakeholders of our university in the management of waste, as in many other issues.


To carry out an exemplary study in order to ensure sustainable disposal of wastes which are formed as a result of education, training, research and service activities within the scope of Ege University and especially within the scope of disposal of hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly manner and to be a pioneer in universities in this context.

With the “Integrated Waste Management System” which Ege University has institutionally actualized for the first time in Turkey;

To create a contemporary infrastructure related to waste management by taking the views of academic staff and students and sharing them with each other throughout our university in the process of continuous learning and research,

To implement integrated waste management in order to ensure sustainability and to spread the processes from the starting point where the waste is produced within the legal framework to the disposal of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner by following up the waste.,

To provide knowledge on waste management based on international case studies and conducting publicity and information meetings on raising awareness on this issue.

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